To link to another zettel, you can use regular Markdown links, or use the special Wiki-link syntax by putting the Zettel ID inside [[..]]:

This is a zettel file, which links to another zettel:

* [[ef3dke98]]

You can also use regular Markdown links:

* [My zettel](

In Web interface, neuron will automatically display the title of the linked zettel when using the wiki-link syntax.

Neuron supports branching links, which can be created using [[[..]]]:

This is a zettel file, which links (branches of) to another zettel:

* [[[ef3dke98]]]

The 3-bracket syntax creates a special link (called a folgezettel) to the specified zettel. When a zettel has a folgezettel relationship to another zettel, it is said to “branch of” to the other zettel. Folgezetel relationships define the Folgezettel Heterarchy of your zettel graph.

Branching links affect the linked zettel’s Uplink Tree where the linking zettel is displayed.

Advanced linking