Zettel metadata

Zettels may contain optional metadata in the YAML frontmatter.


The date of the zettels can be specified in the “date” metadata field (neuron new automatically fills in this field):

date: 2020-08-21T13:06

This date can be made to display in a query result by using the timeline flag (see Tag Queries). The time part is optional.


The “slug” of a zettel is used in its URL, which in turn is determined by the filename of the generated HTML file. By default neuron will use the lowercase version of Zettel ID, with whitespace replaced with hyphen as the slug, which may be overriden here.

slug: foo-bar


Zettels can be pinned in Impulse so that they appear at the top. To pin a zettel, add the “pinned” tag (see Tags#) to it.

  - pinned 

Hiding a zettel

Sometimes you want to “draft” a note, and as such wish to hide it from the rest of Zettelkasten, notably in Impulse. This can be achieved by marking a zettel as “unlisted”:

unlisted: true 

Other metadata

You can explicitly specify a title using the title metadata; otherwise, Neuron will infer it from the Markdown heading or Zettel ID.

The metadata key tags or keywords can be used to specify tags, although neuron supports inline tags as well (see Tags#).