Editor integration

While you may use any text editor with neuron, the following extensions enable certain neuron-specific features on top of basic text editing.


VSCode is recommended for new users of neuron.

Use the vscode-memo extension when editing your Neuron notes in Visual Studio Code. For other useful extensions, consult the template repo (.vscode/extensions.json) in Automatic Publishing.

VSCode Gif Demo

Vim 8/Neovim

Forked version of the vim plugin below that has been updated to support Neuron v2:


Editors known to work with v1

These editors are known to work with version 1 of neuron. Your mileage may vary with the latest development version (version 2) of neuron.


Emacs support is available via neuron-mode, which supports nifty editor features like opening a zettel by title, linking to other zettels by title, as well as displaying the title of the zettel next to the link (see screenshot below).



See this fork of neuron.vim.



Cerveau can be used to edit your neuron v1 notes online using a web browser. Here’s a small demo of the Cerveau editor in action, demonstrating the link autocomplete feature.