Neuron supports Twitter like tags. Tags are added by prefixing them with #, and they can appear anywhere in the note text. For example:

Gaslighting is enabled by the victim's #cognitive-distortion without which the
victimizer is rendered powerless to influence their victim.

In the above example, the note is tagged with #cognitive-distortion which also links to the tag page.

Tags can also be specified in the Zettel metadata block. The above tag can be specified alternatively as follows:

  - cognitive-distortion 

Hierarchical tags

Tags can be nested using a “tag/subtag” syntax, to allow a more fine-grained organization of your Zettelkasten, especially when using advanced queries as shown in Tag Queries#.

For example, the following zettel is tagged “math/calculus/definition”

  - math/calculus/definition

# Derivative

It will be included in the following tag queries:

  • math/**
  • math/calculus/*
  • math/calculus/definition
  • **/definition

See Tag Queries# to understand how to link zettels automatically based on tag patterns as above.