Web interface

Neuron can generate a fully-functional and self-sufficient web site out of your zettelkasten. It generates the HTML files under your Zettelkasten directory, in .neuron/output/, as well as spin up a server that will serve that generated site at localhost:8080.

neuron gen -wS

The gen command takes a few options, notably:

  • You can override the output directory path using -o.

  • You can override server settings such as the host and port. For example,

    neuron gen -ws
  • You can choose pretty URLs (i.e., /foo instead of /foo.html) using --pretty-urls.

Additional CLI details are available via --help.

Local site without server

The web interface can also be accessed without necessarily running the server. First run neuron generator in “watch mode” only (no http server):

# Watch only, without serving
neuron gen -w

Leave this command running in one terminal, and then use neuron open to directly open the locally generated HTML site.

Publishing to the web

See Automatic Publishing#


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