Folgezettel Heterarchy

Neuron allows you to organically build a Heterarchy out of your Zettelkasten over time. When a zettel links (see Linking) to another, it “branches off”1 to that zettel … using Folgezettel Links#.

A folgezettel heterarchy differs from a traditional “category tree” in two key ways:

  • It is built organically over time based on the connections formed, instead of being pre-defined.
  • A note can have multiple parents.

The heterarchy is displayed in the following places

  • Impulse: Full folgezettel heterarchy of the zettelkasten.
  • Uplink Tree#: Subset of the above, branching off to the zettel.

See also

  • The impulse of this site displays its folgezettel heterarchy.
  1. Hence the German compound word “folge-zettel”. Read