Zettel ID

A Zettel ID is a Zettel Markdown file’s filename without the extension. Zettel IDs must be unique across the Zettelkasten.

By default, neuron new1 will use random alphanumeric IDs of length 8, called a “random ID”. But you may use arbitrary text as ID as well, called a “title ID”.

When to use title IDs

A title ID is one that uses arbitrary text, typically denoting the title of the note. For example, in the link [[Some note title]] (see Linking), “Some note title” is the title ID, corresponding to the note filename Some note title.md, that is generated in the Web interface as the HTML file named Some_note_title.html.

Use title IDs when you want truly future-proof2 link IDs that work on any text editor. However, note that this comes at the cost that you are willing to rename them (manually or using a script3) across your Zettelkasten if the title ID of any of your notes changes.

When to prefer random IDs

The advantage to using random IDs (which neuron uses by default) is that you do not have to rename links across your Zettelkasten when changing the title of a note. This makes the links slightly less future-proof, however, because for most convenient editing experience you now have to rely on using a text editor (see Editor integration) that supports expanding them with the title from the note text.

  1. See Creating and Editing zettels

  2. See Philosophy

  3. Use sed or sd in a script to rename title IDs across your Zettelkasten. Some text editors, like VSCode, may have built renaming support; see Editor integration.