Querying with JSON output

Use the query command to query your Zettelkasten and return the matches in JSON format.

Querying all zettels

To retrieve the metadata (sans content) of all zettels in your Zettelkasten:

neuron query --zettels

You can use jq to further process the JSON result. For eg., to print a list of zettel titles:

 neuron query --zettels | jq ".[].Title"

Querying a single zettel

To retrieve the metadata for a zettel by its Zettel ID:

neuron query --id=index

Querying entire Zettelkasten graph

neuron query --graph

Other queries

  • neuron query --backlinks-of ID
  • neuron query --uplinks-of ID
  • neuron query --tags
  • neuron query --tag=mytag

Fast querying

Pass the --cached argument if you want the query to run instantly, by reading from the local cache. To make sure that the cache remains up-to-date, you must be running neuron gen as a daemon.