Configuration file

You may configure the parameters of your web interface by adding an optional configuration file named neuron.dhall under the notes directory. It should contain:

Supported fields

Field nameDescription
siteTitleYour Neuron site’s title
siteBaseUrlThe base URL of your published Neuron site. Setting the base URL will enable breadcrumbs in your site’s structured data
authorAuthor name
themeColor scheme to use for your site. Value must be one of the color names supported by SemanticUI.
editUrlThe URL (without the zettel filename) to edit zettels. To remove the edit button from the navbar, remove this entry from your configuration.
pluginsSee Plugins


{ siteTitle =
    "My Zettelkasten for college"
, siteBaseUrl =
    Some ""
, theme =
, editUrl =
    Some ""