Searching your Zettelkasten

Use the search command to search for a particular zettel:

neuron search

This command1 will allow you to search your Zettels by title, and then print the matching zettel’s filepath at the end.

You may pipe the command to your text editor in order to directly edit the matching Zettel, or simply pass the -e option which opens the zettel in your $EDITOR:

neuron search -e

See asciinema:


The --full-text (alias: -a) option can be used to search by the whole content, not just the title:

neuron search -a
  1. Internally, neuron search uses the tool bat to display the selected Zettel. Note that you might want to configure bat, such as to set the color theme (the default bat theme is for a dark terminal background, which might not work well on light-themed terminals).