Using raw HTML in Markdown

You can write raw HTML inline in your Markdown notes. You can also used fenced code blocks to specify them explicitly.

Using fenced code blocks

The Haskell CommonMark interpreter supports ‘raw-attributes’ to cause the code in the block to be interpreted as inline.

From the docs:

If attached to a fenced code block, it causes the block to be interpreted as raw block content with the specified format.

For HTML, this just requires adding {=html} after the opening ``` code block fence.

So, the following markdown content:

## Some markdown interspersed with HTML

Here is a video:

``` {=html}
<video><source src='static/video.mp4' /></video>

results in the following generated HTML:

<h2>Some markdown interspersed with HTML</h3>
<p>Here is a video:</p>
<video><source src='static/video.mp4' /></video>