Static binary

There is no static binary per se for current version of neuron, but a self-contained Linux executable is available here. As this was produced by the experimental nix bundle feature, your mileage with it may vary.

Due to a limitation in nix-bundle you must always pass the absolute path to your notebook in the command line. For example, instead of running neuron gen -wS, run neuron -d $(pwd) gen -wS.


IMPORTANT: These instructions for an older version of neuron. Static builds are currently unavailable1 for latest versions of neuron.

Note: Some users have reported problems with the static binary; if you notice the same, just install using Nix.

Linux and Windows (WSL2) users can get the static binary here. If you choose to use the static binary instead of installing through Nix (see Installing), note the following:

  • You will have to manually install the runtime dependencies such as fzf, bat, envsubst, etc. yourself.
  • The static binary corresponds to the last stable release, which generally lags behind the development version (which the Nix install method at Installing uses).
  1. See; specifically, we need someone willing to volunteer maintenance of static builds over time.