Declarative Install

If you use NixOS, add the following to your environment.systemPackages list:

(let neuronSrc = builtins.fetchTarball "";
  in import neuronSrc {})

If you use home-manager, add the above to your home.packages list.

Pinning versions

It is generally recommended to pin your imports in Nix. The above expression will fetch the then master branch, which is not what you want for reproducibility. Pick a revision from the commit history, and then use it, for example:

# Use this for neuron 0.5 or above only.
(let neuronRev = "GITREVHERE";
     neuronSrc = builtins.fetchTarball "${neuronRev}.tar.gz";
  in import neuronSrc {})

In the future if you decide to upgrade neuron, simply change the revision hash to a newer one.

Systemd service

If you use home-manager, you can also run neuron as a systemd service; see home-manager systemd service#.