Automatic links using queries

Neuron supports special link syntax that will query the Zettelkasten (eg: by tag) and insert the links using the query results.

Linking to multiple zettels by tag

You may create a query that will link to (and display) the matching zettels automatically. For example, to link to a list of a zettels with the “science” tag (from the example at Zettel metadata):


You can use the CLI to see which zettels will be included in a given query; see Searching your Zettelkasten.


As an example here is a list of zettels tagged “walkthrough” on this very Zettelkasten:


It was created by <z:zettels?tag=walkthrough&cf>. Note that here we use the cf flag to not affect the Folgezettel Heterarchy of the graph; whereas without it, it will form the appropriate new category connections to the listed notes.

Hierarchical tags

Queries can also link to zettels whose Hierarchical tags match a glob pattern. For instance, <z:zettels?tag=science/*> will link to all zettels tagged “science/physics” and “science/biology”.

Recursive globs are supported too, so if you want to include deeper nested tags, <z:zettels?tag=science/**> will also match them (e.g. “science/physics/kinematics”). This will also include zettels that are tagged “science” only, though this behavior can be avoided by querying “science/*/**” instead.

Add ?grouped parameter to your query in order to view the results grouped by the matching tag.

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