Neuron can be installed on Linux and macOS using the Nix package manager.



If you are on macOS Catalina, you may have to follow these instructions prior to installing Nix.

If you are on Windows, you should install Ubuntu on WSL, and may have to apply this workaround.


First, install the Nix package manager:

curl -L | sh

Enable cache

Unless you like compiling for two hours, enable the Nix cache for neuron.

# If you do not already have cachix, install it:
nix-env -iA cachix -f
# Use the cache to fetch binaries instead of compiling most packages.
cachix use srid

Install neuron

To install the latest development version of neuron, run:

nix-env -if

Note that in order to upgrade your existing install of neuron, you should run the same command.

For alternative mechanisms, see Declarative Install.

Test your install

Make sure that you can execute the neuron executable. You should expect the following:

$ neuron --help
Usage: neuron [--version] [-d|--zettelkasten-dir NOTESDIR] COMMAND
  Neuron, a Zettelkasten CLI <>

Available options:
  --version                Show version
  -d,--zettelkasten-dir NOTESDIR
                           Your zettelkasten directory containing the zettel
                           files (default: /home/srid/zettelkasten)
  -h,--help                Show this help text

Available commands:
  new                      Create a new zettel
  open                     Open the locally generated Zettelkasten website
  search                   Search zettels and print the matching filepath
  query                    Run a query against the zettelkasten
  rib                      Generate static site via rib

What’s next?

Proceed to the Tutorial.